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Although the district office is closed to the public, you can reach us by phone at 509-924-2150 or email us at info@wvsd.org.
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After School Busing

Activity Buses
Two activity buses are operated from early September through the end of May.  Activity Buses are scheduled to run Monday through Thursday (no Fridays) except for the day before Thanksgiving break.  Both buses run pre-determined routes, one south of the Spokane River and one north.  To view the routes, click on "Find your bus stop" and enter your address and zip code.  These routes are vastly different from our regular routes; as a result, your child may have to walk several blocks from their stop to home.
Please keep in mind that because we only offer 1 bus for each side of the river, we are limited in the number of stops and the amount of time we can take getting through the route.  Stops cannot be added or removed from the activity route.  If you feel that your child has to walk too far from the closest stop, please make arrangements to pick them up from the school or meet them at their bus stop. 
Guidelines for Trip Buses (Evenings and Weekends)

We expect students on trip buses to follow the same guidelines as on route buses. When advisors (coaches/teachers/parents) accompany students on a bus, they are responsible for monitoring students and assure their compliance with all rules and guidelines. The bus driver has final authority and responsibility; however, we expect the advisor to take the lead (WAC 392-145-021).
Additional guidelines to be followed on trip buses: 
  • Advisors accompanying students should introduce themselves to the bus driver and communicate with the driver about the destination, timing, and possible route. If other stops are required or if any portion of the planned trip has been changed, the bus driver should be made aware of the circumstances in advance.
  • When more than one advisor is accompanying the students, one should sit toward the front of the bus and another toward the middle or back of the bus.
  • The driver will conduct a mandatory Emergency Exit Review (WAC 392-145-080). This form requires the accompanying advisor’s signature indicating that he/she takes responsibility for the behavior of the students during the trip.
  • Eating and drinking on the bus is allowed only for unusual circumstances. If advisors wish to have students eat or drink on the bus due to timing issues, please note the following:
    • The driver should be notified prior to the beginning of the trip that the students will need to eat or drink on the bus; garbage bags must be available
    • All beverages must be in containers with screw-top lids
    • Advisors must ensure that all garbage is picked up and removed at the end of the trip  
  • Breakable containers or other hazardous items that may cause injury during an accident or emergency stop are not allowed on the bus (WAC 392-145-021).
  • Equipment/bags/instruments will be stored in the underneath storage compartments whenever possible.  Any equipment brought into the passenger area of the bus must be secured. Nothing may be stored in the aisle or block any portion of the back windows or emergency exits (WAC 392-145-041). 
These guidelines are not meant to be all inclusive. There are many other legal and “common sense” laws and guidelines that were not listed, but still must be followed (staying seated, not hanging out the window or throwing objects around or from the bus, etc.). By following our guidelines and the directions from the advisor(s) and driver, we ensure that the event is the memorable part (not the bus trip).