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Transportation » Bus Rules for Students

Bus Rules for Students

West Valley bus drivers are responsible for children’s lives every day. It is a responsibility that requires the cooperation of students in observing the safety rules of the district. Students are expected to follow the same rules on the bus and at bus stops as in the classroom.   
The following rules apply to students on all district buses and at bus stops:
·         Give your name to the driver or aide when asked
·         Do not distract driver through misbehavior
·         Obey drivers’ and/or bus aides’ instructions
·         Use quiet voices and no inappropriate language
·         Do not destroy property; no vandalism of school bus or other property
·         Promote bus cleanliness; throw trash in the garbage
·         Keep hands and feet to self;  no violence
·         Do not place body parts or any objects out windows
·         Stay in your seat; keep the aisle and emergency exits clear
·         Treat others with respect; no harassment or teasing
·         Alcohol, vaping, tobacco and matches are prohibited
·         Ask the driver’s permission before opening a window
The driver is in full charge of the bus and the students and has the right to assign students to seats. Our goal is to make sure all students are transported safely to and from school daily. 
Students may ride only their regularly assigned bus and disembark only at their regular stop. A student must have written permission from their parent/guardian, subject to the school’s approval for any change in their assigned bus.  Please use the "Parent Authorization for Student Drop-Off" form.
The above rules are not all inclusive. For additional information on student conduct on buses, see our "Resources and Forms" page.