West Valley School District #363

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The West Valley District Office is open 7:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday -Friday.  You can reach us at 509-924-2150.

2021-2022 CHOICE Student Forms

We are reaching out to all of our families who live outside WVSD and have a student(s) attending one or more schools within our District. The CHOICE application is required ANNUALLY by the State of Washington to attend school outside of your district of residence. Please complete the yearly CHOICE form if your student intends to attend West Valley School District in the 2021-2022 school year. The CHOICE application must be complete prior to the start of the school year.  Please reach out to your building if you are having difficulty in getting your application completed.  We are here to help and we are excited to see your student(s) in the fall!

All families living outside West Valley School District are required to complete the Washington State Annual CHOICE application.

Completing the CHOICE application is required every year and assures the district you reside in that you are actively enrolled in a school district other than your own. 

You are receiving this email because our records indicate that:

  • You have student(s) attending West Valley School District #363
  • Your current address is supported by a district other than West Valley School District.

                If this is incorrect, please update your address by providing the following for documentation:

  • A current gas or electric utility bill
  • A driver’s license with a current address


To get started with your annual CHOICE application go to:


Or you can access the CHOICE Transfer Portal through our website


Click Student Resources tab

Select Choice Transfer Online Link


At the completion of the application, you will receive an email from the CHOICE transfer portal stating that you have successfully submitted your application.  Please forward that email or print it and take it to the school/person listed below.  It is the school’s reassurance that you have completed your process.


West Valley School District CHOICE Contacts:

Kindergarten - Millwood Kindergarten Center - Tammy Kimberley  Tammy.Kimberley@wvsd.org

1st – 5th Grade    Ness Elementary School - Sue Long  Sue.Long@wvsd.org

1st – 5th Grade    Orchard Center Elementary School - Trish Borg  Trish.Borg@wvsd.org

1st – 5th Grade    Pasadena Park Elementary School - Jennifer Musselwhite  Jennifer.Musselwhite@wvsd.org

1st – 5th Grade    Seth Woodard Elementary School - Keeley Cooper  Keeley.Cooper@wvsd.org

6th – 8th Grade   Centennial Middle School - Nikki Sears  Nikki.Sears@wvsd.org                                      

5th – 8th Grade   West Valley City School - Megan Dompier  Megan.Dompier@wvsd.org

8th – 12th Grade Dishman Hills High School  -  Aimee Nechanicky  Aimee.Nechanicky@wvsd.org

9th – 12th Grade Spokane Valley High School - Cindy Wageman  Cindy.Wageman@wvsd.org

9th – 12th Grade West Valley High School - Meagan Pietz  Meagan.Pietz@wvsd.org

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