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Nutrition Services » Meal Charging Procedure

Meal Charging Procedure

Meal Charging Procedure

West Valley School District believes it is in the best interest of students to be provided nutritious meals.  Providing students with nutritious meals allows them to learn.   Our goal is to feed every child; however, as a public school, we are prohibited from giving away meals.  We realize there are extenuating circumstances and we do not want to see children go hungry.  Because we must limit individual and school negative account balances to ensure financial accountability, the following procedures have been developed for the district’s schools:    


  • The charge limit equals the current dollar amount of two paid lunches.
  • When monies are within two meals of running out, a stamp stating “Lunch $” will be placed on the hand of the student.  This step will be repeated until money is added to the account or until the third charge attempt.
  • Upon the third charge attempt, the student will be provided an alternative meal (i.e. milk and the lunch of the day minus the entree).  A call will be placed to the parent/guardian and a food service statement will be sent home with the student.  
  • Any questions, concerns or hardship issues may be directed to the Nutrition Services Director.


  • Charging of meals is not allowed, nor is an alternate meal provided.


  • Charging of meals is not allowed.