West Valley School District #363

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Important Safety Information

Dear Parent/Guardian,
Our number one priority is the safety of our students.  Therefore, we are sharing information about an incident that occurred Monday, September 9, 2019. A man exposed himself to a female student near Vista and Augusta.  The young lady ran and was assisted by a nearby homeowner who called 911.  She also reported the encounter to the District School Resource Deputy today.
The man is described as a white male, late 30’s, brown hair, 5'8" with a medium build. He was driving a dark gray early 2000’s Nissan Altima.

In light of this unfortunate incident, please review safety instructions with your child reminding them:
•    Use the “buddy system” and walk in pairs whenever possible
•    Do not talk to strangers
•    Do not get in a car with a stranger
•    Report any suspicious incident to Crime Check

Thank you for your assistance in our efforts to insure the safety of our students.  As always, please contact the school with any information, concerns or questions.

Sue Shields
Public Relations Director
West Valley School District

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