Facility Rentals & Field Reservations

***The West Valley High School Theater is not available to rent at this time***
Please read the following information carefully and use the
application link to the right to apply.
All Persons
All applications must be submitted at least 10 working days prior to the event. 
All persons will need to complete an online Facility Use Application and submit a Certificate of Liability Insurance. Nonprofit organizations are required to submit a 501(C)(3). 
Athletic Organizations/Coaches

Teams that have West Valley students have first priority. All teams that would like to be considered for priority placement are required to submit a complete roster listing all members names and schools.  


All coaches (paid and volunteer) must complete Sudden Cardiac Awareness training. Below is a link to a free online course through the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). https://nfhslearn.com/courses/sudden-cardiac-arrest


Organizations involving any athletic activity are required to have each student/parent read and sign the following forms:

Please have your organization's representative sign the Statement of Compliance stating that you have completed all the necessary requirements above and are eligible to rent our facilities. 
Lastly, please review and sign the Facility Use Reminder form. It is a reminder to all gym patrons the rules and expectations to be followed in order for us to provide a clean and safe environment for everyone. 
Once you have completed all the necessary requirements and your date(s)/time(s) have been approved, you will receive a confirmation email from SchoolDude Message Center. 

Fee Assessment and Payment

Fees will be charged at an hourly rate based on the classification, to be determined by the Board of Directors. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice for normal scheduled events and must be paid in advance of the event.  

Facility users on a recurring monthly schedule must pay the first month’s invoice within the first ten days of use and then will be billed monthly. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice and before continued use.  

Payments can be made by credit card at 509-340-7184 or by check: West Valley School District #363 at 2805 N. Argonne Rd., Spokane, WA 99212. *All invoices will be sent by email. 

The West Valley High School theater requires the use of a sound booth operator for the operation of auditorium stage lighting or built-in audio/video equipment systems. Non-district lighting operators or audio/video persons will not be allowed to operate this equipment. Rental fees will be assessed in accordance with the board approved fee schedule. Only the school district shall pay employees and stagehand crews for services rendered in connection with outside organizational use of the school facilities.

Cancellation/Changes by the User

In the event a group wishes to cancel or make changes to the agreement for the use of a facility, it must notify the building facility coordinator at least two working days in advance. Failure to do so will result in charges and/or cancellation of the Facility Use Agreement. In addition, the building facility coordinator must approve date or time changes at least two working days in advance. Failure to do so will result in charges for the time scheduled or actual hours used, whichever is greater.

Thank you for your support of the West Valley School District.