Facility Use & Field Reservations

2023-2024 Facility Use & Field Reservations 
Spring is around the corner, field use applications are now being accepted. Priority deadline for West Valley teams is March 22, 2024 after that it will be on a first come, first serve basis. Reservations will begin being approved the week of March 25, 2024. 
As a reminder, every coach will need to register as a community member and request their own field/gym. 
Our paperless system has improved access and provides a real-time look at our after hour school calendars for easy reservations. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 
To register as a community member user:
Please click on the following link: 
  1. Under the Get Started panel, enter your First NameLast NameEmail Address, and Phone Number
  2. Click Submit to save your information and submit your membership request. You will be sent an email message to verify your account and set your password
Verifying your user account:
Once you have entered your information and clicked Submit on the Get Started section of the login page for Event Manager, you will receive an email notification from the application so that you can set your password and verify your email address.
  1. Open the confirmation email from Event Manage
  2. Click the hyperlink in the confirmation email
  3. In the window that appears, enter your desired password under New Password and Confirm New Password
  4. Click Submit and Verify
  5. You can now login
Now that you have an account and are logged in, your first task will be to join an organization.
Request to join an organization:
  1. Click My Profile from the side navigation menu
  2. Click My Organizations
  3. Click Request to Join an Organization
  4. Enter the name of your Organization
  5. To register as a member of more than one organization, click Add Another Organization and enter the name in the field. *Note: You can request to be a member of as many organizations as needed
  6. Click Request to submit your request(s).
Helpful Tutorials!
Reservation Forms & Fee Information
1. Pay online at this link.
Please use the above link to make an online payment. See below for instructions to check out:
Once logged in, select your name > district wide items > district office > district office > facility rental payment > enter total dollar amount of invoices and add to card > click "additional information to enter invoice number(s)" > enter payment information to finish checking out. 
Is it your first time logging in? Under the 1st time guest section, select "create account" > fill out information and select "sign up"
* We are no longer able to accept credit card payments over the phone, but you are welcome to make credit card payments in person at the address below. 
2. Pay by check.
Checks should be made payable to the West Valley School District. Payments are accepted by mail or in person at the district office. Please be sure to reference your invoice number on the check.
West Valley School District #363
Attn: Facility Use
2805 N Argonne Rd.
Spokane, WA 99212
Please contact the night custodian in your building with any emergencies. 

Our goal is to make your use of WVSD Facilities as positive and seamless as possible. Failure to adhere to the rules listed below can result in termination of an existing building use or denial of future building use application. Your assistance in caring for our schools is greatly appreciated! Thank you for your cooperation!


Access to the facility

Building users are required to have a copy of their building use permit on-hand at all times when using a District facility. Think of this as your ticket into the facility. All groups using District facilities shall provide supervision by a capable adult who is responsible for the group’s compliance with all the rules and regulations. Groups will not be given access to the facility until the adult supervisor arrives.



The adult supervisor shall remain with the group for the duration of the use. The adult supervisor must be in the area of use with the users 100% of the time, not outside in the hallways or in another area of the facility.

Upon leaving, the adult supervisor shall inform the custodian so that the facility may be secured.

Facility users are permitted to use only those areas designated on their building use permit. Please keep participants from wandering the halls and accessing other areas of the facility. Access to the closest restrooms shall be designated by the custodian.


Rental Start/End Times

All activities must end a minimum of fifteen minutes before the before ‘Rental End Time’ designated on the building use permit. The expectation is the building will be completely vacated by all users on or before the end time on the building use permit.


Leave it as you found it

Users are expected to return the area of use to its original condition. This includes returning room furniture, such as chairs and tables, to their original state and making sure the facility is left in a clean and orderly condition. Be aware that you will be invoiced for custodial time if a mess is left behind, or the furniture is not returned to its original state.


Gym Use

Athletic activities including but not limited to bouncing or throwing of balls outside the gym is strictly prohibited. Please ensure users carry their balls/equipment to and from the gym. Athletic shoes are required at all times on gym floors. Food and beverages are NOT allowed on carpeted areas or in the gyms. Water is OK. Please help our P.E. Teachers and school staff by returning hoops/volleyball nets or any other equipment to the state in which they were found.


Set-up Accommodations

Any set-up accommodations (tables, chairs, bleachers etc.) should be requested on the building use permit.



WVSD does not rent athletic equipment. Do not assume use of equipment comes with the rental of the facility.



Please do not disturb anything in the classrooms. Stay completely away from the teacher’s desks, computers, projectors, and other personal or instructional materials. Do not use whiteboards unless prior approval was granted via the building use permit. Food and beverages are NOT allowed on carpeted areas or in the classrooms. Water is OK.


District Personnel

A custodian and/or other required district personnel shall be on-site for any use of indoor facilities.



Alcoholic beverages, tobacco, narcotics, or other dangerous drugs are not permitted in school facilities or on school property at any time. The application of material to walls, ceilings or floors is prohibited unless requested and approved on the building use permit or in writing by a building administrator.

Safety & Security
  • Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your scheduled time. 
  • If your rental time comes and you have been unsuccessful in reaching the custodian please call 509-340-7184
  • If some of your group members have not arrived, the door should be monitored by an adult to let the remaining members in once they arrive. 
  • Please do not leave the door propped open for any reason. 
West Valley HS
Please contact:
Lindsey Kingsley ~ [email protected]
(509) 340-7108
Centennial MS, Elementary Schools & Fields -
Please contact:
Shanda Gorder ~ [email protected]
(509) 340-7184