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About WVSD

Our Mission:  Each West Valley student will have a Rigorous and Relevant education achieved through strong Relationships to maximize readiness for College, Career, and Citizenship.


Our Why: We believe in partnering with our community to prepare our students for College, Career, and Citizenship, we do this by creating unique, high-rigor programs that respond to the needs of our students, staff and community.

Location:  The West Valley School District is located eight miles east of downtown Spokane.  Encompassing an area of approximately 25 square miles, the district is bordered by Spokane on the west, Woodruff Road on the east, the Dishman Hills to the south, and extends north of the valley.


Facilities:  West Valley School District is comprised of an Outdoor Learning Center (OLC), one early childhood education center, one kindergarten center, four elementary schools, two middle schools, one high school, and two non-traditional high schools.