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Grant Implementation

West Valley School District is honored to be the recipient of many local, state and federal grants that fund projects and learning opportunities for our students. We're also grateful to have staff members who spend time researching and applying for grants that will allow students to explore different paths to success. Our district could not serve students without the partnerships of those in our community!
Thank you to The Hagan Foundation for awarding grants to fund the following projects for the 2022-23 school year!
  • Reimagining Curriculum - $30,000 (submitted by Theresa Kendall and Sami Perry)
  • Translation Tools - $1,746 (submitted by Julie Day and Kris Williams)
  • Ness Enrichment Clusters - $1,124 (submitted by Ashley Bell)
West Valley High School
  • Microcontroller Lab - $17,322 (submitted by Eric Groshoff)
  • CTE Eagle Time - $1,775 (submitted by Lesley Dalke, Eric Groshoff, Rose Honey and Debbie Reeder)
Spokane Valley High School and Outdoor Learning Center
  • Project PETAL - $32,400 (submitted by Lauren House, Jami Ostby Marsh and David Milliken)