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The West Valley District Office is open 7:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday -Friday.  You can reach us at 509-924-2150.

West Valley School District January 25, 2021 Update

Secondary Phase-In Updates 

We have been working closely with Spokane Regional Health District to create a safe phase-in plan for middle and high school students and the school board approved a plan for the in-person return of secondary students the week of February 1, 2021. Students will attend on-site instruction one day per week based on their assigned cohort. This cautious approach is an important stepping-stone to help build safe systems and protocols to minimize the spread of COVID-19. As we build success, we anticipate transitioning to a 2-day per week hybrid schedule beginning the week of March 1st.

During the month of February, schools will be focusing on:

● Training students on proper COVID etiquette and safety protocols, such as mask-wearing, physical distancing of at least 6 feet, hand washing, and staying home when sick.
● Training students on how to safely ride the school bus, eat lunch, walk through the hallways, and enter/exit the school.
● Providing support and resources as teachers modify their lessons to support teaching in-person and live online classes simultaneously.
● Adding additional staff members to help support our COVID Response team.

Students will continue to have the option to remain 100% virtual. Students who intend to return on-site are encouraged to begin the first week of February to learn the new COVID protocols and guidelines for being at school and to minimize spread.

Thank you for your partnership as we continue to phase students back into in-person learning. We are in this together!

Daily Wellness Attestations

All students who are attending school on-site are required to complete a daily symptom attestation. If you have questions, please contact your school.

● Preschool and Elementary students will continue to use blue attestation cards
● City School, Centennial Middle School, and Dishman Hills High School will use blue attestation cards
● West Valley High School and Spokane Valley High School will use the SKyward Attestation App
“Pilot” Virtual Snow Day and Windstorm Make-Up Day

Snow is in the forecast this week, so this is just a reminder that there may be a possibility of initiating a virtual snow day. In the event that this occurs, please follow your school’s Virtual Snow Day Schedule. We will follow up with a survey to gather your feedback regarding the implementation of a virtual snow day.

We will make up the school closure caused by the windstorm on Friday, February 12th.

Substitute Teacher Recruitment

We are seeking to grow our team of Emergency Substitute Teachers! Help us recruit by encouraging those you know to Apply. A qualified applicant will have a higher education degree including an Associates’ or Bachelor's degree and successful experience working with children. Substitute teachers are an essential component of the educational community, helping students and staff meet educational goals. Please contact West Valley’s Human Resource Department at 509-924-2150.

Levy Update

West Valley will be running an Education Programs and Operations Levy and Capital Projects Levy in February. Ballots were mailed out late last week for our two replacement Levies (EPO- $2.50 / CPL-$1.45). The $1.40 decrease in tax rate is a result of the expiration of the two bonds used to modernize West Valley High School and our four elementary schools. Please see the factual resources below and please vote by February 9, 2021:
Health and Safety

The COVID-19 infection rate for Spokane County has been decreasing and is currently 595 per 100K. See current case counts here .

Information outlining the Spokane region’s phase metrics can be found here: WA State Roadmap to Recovery Metrics .

New guidance has been provided from the Spokane Regional Health District that recommends using soap and water to clean surfaces such as student desks throughout the day. More specifics will be provided soon and we have placed an order to have a spray bottle for soap and water in each classroom. Custodians will be diligently working to clean high touch surfaces throughout the school day.

Thank you for your continued partnership and support of your students and community!

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