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About ParentSquare

ParentSquare is a unified communication platform that offers a whole host of tools that allows district, school administrators and teachers to more effectively communicate and engage with families and students. Some features include:

  • Mass notifications and Urgent Alerts with two-way communication
  • Mobile application for administrators and parents (iOS and Android)
  • Attendance notifications
  • Teacher and classroom communication
  • Direct Messaging with two-way translation
  • Social (Facebook and Twitter) and website share 
  • Forms and Permission Slips
  • Appointment Sign Ups (parent-teacher conferences, technology pick-ups) 
  • Calendar and RSVP
  • Volunteering and classroom supply sign-ups
  • StudentSquare 
  • And so much more!
How to Activate or Register
Please take a moment to verify that we have your correct contact information.  If you would like to receive text messages regarding school closures or emergencies, the number we have in ParentSquare will need to be your cell number (this is NOT visible to others).  Staff members who have children enrolled in the district will need to take extra steps to activate and then consolidate accounts.  For more information on merging accounts, click here. 
The app is the easiest way to receive all Posts, Events, Sign Up Requests, Photos, and Files.  Users can enable app notifications when a message is posted.  Teachers, Parents, and students with StudentSquare will have an easier time with Direct Messaging.  The FREE ParentSquare app is available in both the iOS and Android stores.
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FAQ's for Teachers
No, they will not.  In fact, it is important that you combine the two accounts.  ParentSquare runs smoother when the accounts are combined.  
ParentSquare gets its information from Skyward.  Every employee is assigned a "home" building, and that is what will be reflected in ParentSquare.  If you would like to be attached to any additional buildings, please call or email Julie Garza at ext. 2751 ([email protected]) or the District Office at 509-924-2150.
Because ParentSquare syncs nightly with Skyward, the information will need to be changed in Skyward.  Often times Skyward may have out-of-date numbers, landlines, or even spouses' numbers attached to the employee.  This will need to be fixed by Human Resources.  Please visit ERS and fill out the change of information form.  Once the information is adjusted by HR, ParentSquare will re-sync.  If you have any questions regarding this, please call or email Julie Garza at ext. 2751 ([email protected]) or reach out to the District Office.
ParentSquare pulls its information from designated areas in Skyward.  This area in Skyward sometimes gets overlooked and is not attached to HR.  It will need to be fixed in Skyward Student Management, please contact Julie Garza at ext. 2751 or [email protected].
You bet there is!  And it's easy!  If you would like to adjust the names attached to your classes, here is an article that will tell you how:  How to Rename a Class