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Middle School Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs provide students with 21st-century academic and technical skills. 
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Students continue to explore careers that align with their interests and strengths through engaging, hands-on courses in middle school. 
Project-based activities and assignments help students apply knowledge and skills gained from traditional classroom learning to hands-on and real-world settings and creative projects. Students, in turn, use what is gained from the applied experience for academic learning. 
Workplace readiness skills begin to be developed through Career and Technical Education courses.
STEAM courses remain an area of focus in the middle school years at West Valley School District and middle schools. 
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At Centennial Middle School, each grade of required science includes a connection to high school Career & Technical Education subjects. 
Sixth Grade - Classroom speakers from business and industry connect Earth and Space to future careers.
Seventh Grade - Life Sciences curriculum includes Project Lead The Way Medical Detectives and Sciences of Technology.
Eight Grade - Physical Science includes Project Lead The Way Flight & Space and The Magic of Electrons. 
Students can continue to explore possible career pathways by choosing the following exploration courses:
Medical Detectives
Flight & Space
Science of Technology
Automation & Robotics
Design & Modeling
Students who find a passion for a subject through middle school science courses can continue pursuing that career possibility through CTE courses at both the middle and high school levels. 
Centennial Middle School welcomes students in grades six through eight to participate in the Technology Student Association (TSA), where they can build robots, gliders, and dragsters and explore projects in forensics and drones.
Project-based activities in courses like Medical Detectives, Flight & Space, Science of Technology, Automation & Robotics, and Design & Modeling allow students to develop more profound content knowledge and utilize creativity, critical thinking, and presentation skills in the context of answering real-world questions.
Leadership, collaboration, and problem-solving skills are enhanced through CTE courses, projects, and clubs. 
Industry and career exploration through classroom speakers help students see all the possibilities for their future. 
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