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Medications at School
Students who need medication at school must have a new written order from their health care provider each school year. They must be picked up by the last day of school and any left over medication that is not picked up will be destroyed following Washington state medication disposal guidelines. If you have questions regarding over the counter medications at school, please contact your building nurse.
  • Download copy of medication authorization form and bring completed form with medication in original container to school before the first day of school.
  • Parents must bring in medications that are considered controlled substance. Medication is counted and verified delivered with your signature and the district staff person who counted the medication with you.
Student with Life Threatening Health Conditions
Emergency Health Care Plans:  A new plan is required each school year. Nurses are working to update our emergency care plans for this year. We will be calling parents for any missing plans. If you need to meet with the teachers and school nurse please call your building nurse.

Please contact the school nurse as soon as possible if your child developed a new Life Threat health condition over the summer.

(Examples of health conditions that require Emergency Care Plans: asthma, diabetes, severe food allergies, severe bee sting allergies, etc.)