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West Valley School District truly values the partnership of ALL in our community, so we have many active district and school social media channels to inform our families and community members about what is happening in our schools. We encourage you to follow us  to keep updated on what is happening throughout the district!
Facebook: westvalleyschooldistrict
Instagram: @westvalleyschooldistrict
LinkedIn: WestValleySchoolDistrict
Twitter/X: @WestValley363
WVSD Social Media Community Guidelines
WVSD social media pages focus on celebrating and supporting our schools, students and staff, as well sharing important news and event information. Social media also creates the opportunity for open communication and dialogue about our district and school programs. While everyone is encouraged to comment, our first priority is to protect students, staff and community members. We have established the following guidelines for those who wish to visit or interact with WVSD accounts. By following, liking, commenting, sharing or otherwise engaging with this page, you agree to follow the Rules of Engagement below.
Practice good digital citizenship. People making comments on our page are requested to show respect for their fellow users by conducting themselves as they would when entering our schools.
Be respectful. We have a zero-tolerance policy for cyberbullying and/or posts that are political, racist, sexist, abusive, profane, violent, obscene or contain falsehoods that are wildly off-topic or that harass, libel, incite, threaten or make ad hominem attacks on students, staff, guest or other individuals.
Stay on topic. This is a page dedicated to the education of students in the West Valley School District. We do not permit messages selling products or promoting commercial or other ventures. In addition, the appearance of external links posted by followers of this page does not constitute endorsement on behalf of WVSD and, in most cases, these links will be removed.
Stick with the facts. In accordance with Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) guidelines, this page is not a place to promote or oppose any personal campaigning for election to a political office nor promote or oppose any ballot proposition. However, we may provide factual information concerning district ballot measures as well as share posts of appreciation to supporters and community partners.
Follow the rules. All content and posts are bound by Facebook Terms of Use. Remember that your name and photo will be seen next to your comment, visible to anyone who visits the page. You should not provide private information (phone, email, address, etc.) to others on this page. (Note on Public Records: Per public records laws, comments and messages on or to WVSD social media accounts could be included in a public records request. Failure to follow the above guidelines may result in action without notice to the user. This can include comments being hidden or removed and/or a user being banned, blocked or muted.)
** All social media sites and comments are moderated by WVSD and school staff. All school- or district-related questions or issues should be directed to the appropriate school or staff member. If you need help determining who to contact, call 509-924-2150.