Learning Assistance Program (LAP)

Learning Assistance Program -LAP

The Learning Assistance Program (LAP) offers supplemental services for K–12 students scoring below grade-level standard in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. These services focus on accelerating student growth to make progress towards grade level and addressing barriers preventing students from accessing core instruction. They may include academic readiness skill development or behavior supports. The intent is for LAP-served students to increase academic growth during the period of time they are provided services. A student is eligible for LAP services if they score below grade-level standard in ELA or Mathematics. Districts must use multiple measures of performance in determining student eligibility.

Strengthening Student Educational Outcomes (SSEO), ESSB 5946 (2013) and amended by SSB 5803 (2015) included several school and district mandates related to K–4 literacy. K-4 Focus First (RCW 28A.165.005)

Districts implementing LAP services must:

  1. Focus first on addressing the needs of K–4 students in reading or reading readiness skills.
  2. Use data when developing programs.
  3. Provide the most effective and efficient practices when implementing supplemental instruction.
  4. Approximately 50 percent of all K–4 LAP-enrolled students are receiving ELA or readiness services.