Learning Assistance Program (LAP)


LAP is a state-funded program serving K-12 students who are not meeting academic standards by providing supplemental instruction, services, and supports to those students. These supplemental services focus on increasing academic growth, with the intent of sustaining this growth in the classroom.


K-4 students who are struggling in reading or reading readiness skills receive supplemental instruction and services to improve their reading and writing skills by a certificated intervention teacher that pushes into the classroom to provide small group instruction. Special Programs staff provide monthly professional development for LAP funded Intervention teachers.


WVSD also provides graduation assistance for students in grades 9-12 who are at risk of not meeting state and local graduation requirements. 


Districts are required to submit entrance and exit performance data, academic growth, and the specific practices, activities, and programs used by each building that receives LAP funding every year.

Schools that receive LAP funds follow these best practices:

  • Community-based partnerships to reduce barriers to learning
  • Consultant teachers (including instructional coaches)
  • Credit retrieval for 9th-12th grade
  • Extended learning time
  • Family engagement and outreach for LAP eligible students
  • Individual or small group instruction
  • Language development for MLL
  • Mentoring services
  • Online curriculum and instructional support (credit retrieval)
  • Professional development

Some schools also generate a high poverty-based LAP allocation and must expend funds in accordance with allowable activities and practices that align with state laws regarding LAP.


Find more information on the OSPI LAP website.