West Valley School District #363

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Targeted Assistance Program

Targeted Assistance Program-

A targeted assistance program centers academic support and related interventions and services on a specific group of students — at risk not to meet state standards.
Students are identified using a rank order to identify those in need of more strategic and / or intensive supplemental intervention support. 
The rank order consists of valid and reliable state, district and classroom based assessments, teacher recommendations, and parent/guardian input. 
Utilizing our district late start collaborations, school based grade level intervention team meetings, and focusing on student strengths and abilities, instructional staff use data to inform intervention and level of intensity needed for increased student learning.
Intervention material is vetted through What Works Clearinghouse, as well as ongoing professional development and training with all instructional staff members.
Progress is continuously monitored for all identified students to determine growth, response to intervention and ability to access core curriculum within the general education classroom.