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Bond 2024

February 13, 2024 Election Results 
While our Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) levy passed, the bond on the February 13, 2024 ballot did not reach the votes needed for approval. Levies require 50%+1 voter approval, and bonds need 60% voter approval to pass. As of February 20, our levy received 55.5% of the vote while the bond received 50.7% of the vote.
We are grateful to our voters and community. While we had hoped to see both measures pass, we know that this is a challenging time for school funding. Staff will be working on next steps, and we will share information and updates as soon as it is available.
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In addition to the EP&O Levy Renewal, residents will consider a bond to address our highest facilities needs in the February 13, 2024 election. The state provides very little money for school districts to do construction or maintenance, and districts rely on local, voter-approved funding to cover the costs of this work. Funding from the local measures stay in the West Valley community. 

Funding from the bond would be used to:

Build a Safe and Modern Centennial Middle School

  • A new building to provide purpose-built learning spaces for more classes that provide students the skills to succeed
  • Flexible, adaptable spaces that facilitate modern learning and collaboration

Have Kindergarten Students Join Elementary Communities

  • Adding learning space at Pasadena Park and Ness elementary schools
  • Less interruption for young students
  • Makes it easier for families with young kids to get to school
  • Students begin to build relationships in their school
  • Preschool moves into the Millwood Center

Create a New, Shared Campus for Project-Based Learning at West Valley City School and Spokane Valley High School

  • City School and SVHS will retain their individual identities, but students will have access to facilities and common space on a shared campus to provide more opportunities for student learning.
  • Modern classrooms and safety features that provide student-centered learning spaces in these similar Project-Based programs

Make District Wide Safety Updates and Facilities Maintenance

  • Enhance safety and improve efficiency by updating parking lots and drop-off/pick-up areas at Orchard Center Elementary and Seth Woodard Elementary
  • Replace the roof (from 2004) and auxiliary gym floor at West Valley High School
  • Replace existing manual sprinkler systems at Centennial Middle School, Pasadena Park Elementary and West Valley City School
  • Accessibility and meeting space additions to the district office 
  • Safety and security updates throughout the district as part of our facilities plan



What is the cost? 

The estimated cost is $1.49 per $1,000 of assessed property value. If passed, this bond measure maximizes State matching funds of $27,430,624 to minimize the total bond project cost to local taxpayers.