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WVSD Middle School Options

West Valley School District has three different options for Middle School. 
Centennial Middle School is our traditional middle school, grades 6-8.  Students who attend Centennial Middle School will experience the traditional M-F, 6 period day with transitions between classes.  Athletics, Band, and Choir are offered through Centennial for any 6th - 8th grader in our district.
West Valley City School is a non-traditional 5th-8th grade program.  City School uses an experiential learning model and provides a challenging integrated curriculum for all students, with an emphasis on Project-Based Learning.  Students from the greater Spokane area are welcomed.  West Valley City School fosters relationships and real-world skills for students to be passionate, innovative learners.  City School is an M-Th program with Fridays used for teacher collaboration.  Students will be assigned tasks to be done at home.
West Valley Virtual Learning Center is an 100% online learning program led by highly-qualified West Valley certificated teachers. Utilizing curriculum from K-12 Stride, VLC staff develop learning plans for each student, evaluate student work, track progress on a variety of measures and help students find success in the program. Students who live outside of the West Valley School District are encouraged to apply as the program recently gained approval to accept students from across the state of Washington
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