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West Valley Preschool & Kindergarten Options

West Valley Early Learning Center

All students attending the West Valley Early Learning Center must qualify. Please visit our "About Us" page for more information on how to qualify or call 509.922.5478.


Early Childhood Educational and Assistance Program (ECEAP)

Families of preschool-aged students are welcome to call the office to determine if you qualify and to schedule an appointment to pick up registration paperwork.


For returning students, the secretary or a Family Service Staff member will contact each family about updating paperwork for the upcoming school year.


For more information, call 509.922.5478



West Valley Kindergarten Options
Most West Valley Kindergartners are housed at Millwood Kindergarten Center. Upon entering first grade, students will then transfer to their neighborhood elementary schools. WVSD also offers the SPICE program (Student Parent Interactive Classroom) which is a K-5 parent-run group located at Seth Woodard Elementary that encourages parent interaction with the school and classroom. In addition, kindergarten students are eligible to apply for enrollment in the Virtual Learning Center, an alternative learning experience (ALE) which is also housed at Seth Woodard. Students who live outside of the West Valley School District are encouraged to apply as the program recently gained approval to accept students from across the state of Washington.  
To learn more about each program, please visit their websites by clicking on the buttons below.  
MKC      SPICE     VLC